#SS14AP: Unroll Your Scroll


August 9, 2014 by Renee Griffin

So many of you have echoed my words lately as I tell folks about my time at #SheSpeaks14.

I am still processing it all.

In fact, my #SheSpeaks14 tote bag is still sitting beside my favorite chair unpacked.  When it catches my eye, I simply smile.  It takes me back.  As I work my way through all He taught me during the conference, one part has been difficult to get a hold on.

The scroll.

Have you unrolled your scroll?



There nestled beside the silverware, the #SheSpeaks14 team placed a scroll for every women at dinner.  I didn’t even notice it at first. The tiny white paper scroll fastened by thin, rough twine sat inconspicuously holding a scripture verse inside its curves.  The announcer told us it was a verse that had been prayed over by the team and was a word for us individually from the Lord.  I was all smiles as I unrolled my scroll.  Then I read it.

A war of emotions began with every word.

This must be wrong.  I quickly scanned the table to see if my neighbor had accidentally gotten my scroll, and I had hers.  Nope.  It was the one for me apparently, but I didn’t want it.  (Not very spiritual, huh?)

This can’t be the one the Lord has for me.  There must be a mistake.

I rolled that baby right back up and stuck it way down in the bottom of my bag.  When I got back to the room later in the evening, I told my “roomie”, @Amygking, that I had the wrong verse.  She asked me what it was, and I read it to her.  She was so sweet that she even offered me another scroll.  LOL!  I was fighting my verse, but my fight didn’t change it.

I am working my way through my verse.  I’m taking it apart and looking up the word meanings in my Strong’s concordance.  I am questioning and listening and God, Who is ALWAYS faithful, is answering.  As I work, I wonder if you have unrolled your scroll?

Last week’s Twitter party, #Shespeaks14afterparty was such a blast!  I loved every single reconnection.

Your WORDS gave me such inspiration.

Your WOMEN connections & photos were amazing.

Your WOW moments blew me away.

I give God all the glory and credit for the idea.  His Name was lifted high through our gathering online last weekend.  All week, as I would go back and look at the stream, I would thank Him for this.  I found myself yearning to do it again.   If I can’t be with all you gals every weekend in NC, then maybe we can still gather online each weekend.  I am much better at ideas and jumping off cliffs than I am with having all the details figured out in advance, but I serve a God Who specializes in everything.  So, here is what He has planned for this weekend.

This is the question He has put on my heart.

Have you unrolled your scroll?

More than just opening and reading your verse, have you unrolled it before the LORD?  If you have, would you join me online?  Let’s fill our Twitter streams with verses.  If you want to share a thought about your verse, do it.  If you have a blog post about your verse, link that too.  Whatever He puts on your heart to share, please do.  You may never know how the words Jesus gives you will impact others.

Are you in?

Here’s the deets…

Let’s shorten our after party hashtag to make room for our topic hashtag, k?

Instead of #shespeaksafterparty14, let’s use #SS14AP.

For this weekend’s party, let’s use this topic hashtag, #UYS for Unroll Your Scroll.

Got it?  #SS14AP & #UYS

Tag your friends.  Link your posts.  Let’s just all join back together to praise and glorify the Name of Jesus Christ!



8 thoughts on “#SS14AP: Unroll Your Scroll

  1. Nice to meet you through mutual She Speaks friends! Thank you for encouraging us to dig out our scrolls. Mine is a perfect Word of comfort today: “Give all your worries and cares to God for He cares about you.” 1 Peter 5:7. You have a lovely site here … I look forward to connecting with you!
    ~ Renee


    • Thanks, Renee! I am so happy to connect with you as well. She Speaks has given me so many new friends, and I am so thankful. I appreciate you stopping by this new site and commenting. I am so new with WordPress, but I am willing to learn. Thanks again for your encouragement.


  2. mviscuse says:

    My verse was Psalm 121:3-5 “He will not let your foot slip – he who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord watches over you – the Lord is your shade at your right hand.” Thank you for reminding me to #unrollyourscroll! The timing was great and I have loved the fellowship at your #SheSpeaks14AfterParties! Thank you! 🙂


    • My new friend, Michelle!!! Isn’t God’s timing perfect? I love watching how He is using every moment of my time at She Speaks to teach me, lead me, challenge & encourage me. I look forward to your help with this site. Thanks so much for the offer. 🙂


  3. wendyblight says:

    Renee, you have no idea what your words and your post mean to me. They bring tears of thanksgiving and gratitude for God’s faithfulness.

    The Provwrbs 31 Board and I gathered and prayed over these scriptures for weeks before She Speaks. I prayed for The Lord to hand deliver each Scripture to the woman He sent it for. I would love to know your verse.

    You have blessed me beyond measure today!! Thank you.



    • Wendy,

      Thank you for your willingness to be the Hands & Feet of Jesus as you minister to His women through prayer! As soon as I began unrolling my little scroll, I could feel something in my heart begin to sit up and listen. The verse inside was Matthew 5:8, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God.” Honestly, my first response was trembling fear because I know how I don’t measure up to any level of pure in heart. Ah, but God…He is showing me so much as I take this verse apart. Maybe I will write about it soon if He gives me the words.

      Thank you for your leadership and example and for shining the Light of Jesus for all the world to see.



      • wendyblight says:

        I look forward to reading what you learn. I trust God will show you great things as you study this truth and see why He chose it specially for you. 🙂


  4. […] staff had prayed over each of us and asked God to encourage us and speak to us specifically through the verse that was found on the scroll where we were sitting. I was hoping for one about the 5,000 sitting and listening to what was being said, or something […]


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