#SS14AP: Show Your Bling

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August 23, 2014 by Renee Griffin

This girl cares very little for clothing.

Each time I clean out my closet, the garments that make the cut decrease in number.  What’s the saying?  You only wear 20% of your wardrobe?  Regardless of the stats, I tend to wear the same outfits over & over.

But, my accessories are completely different story.

If I had to choose my favorite accessory,  shoes and jewelry would be tied.

Years of damage to my feet from high heels (and maybe getting older…which completely stinks…) prevent me from wearing the shoes I want to wear on a daily basis.  If it were up to me and not my feet, I would rock high heels 24/7. Sadly, I am forced to choose comfort over fashion these days.  Yes, I can be found at work dressed up and sporting tennis shoes.  I have considered taping a picture of a pair of cute heels to the sides of my sneakers because cute shoes make me happy!

Thankfully, jewelry doesn’t discriminate like shoes, and this girl loves the bling.

You can find me on any given Saturday morning out shopping in workout clothes with several  jewels attached.  Why?  Jewelry makes me feel pretty.  And a girl certainly needs a boost of pretty when she is shopping in workout clothes knowing full well she will not  actually be working out.

When I heard on Twitter  there was going to be a jewelry booth at #SheSpeaks14, I was quite intrigued.  I hurried down from my hotel room to check out the merchandise.  When I arrived at the Fashion & Compassion booth, I was overwhelmed by all the gorgeous pieces.  I wasn’t there long before Celeste came over to greet me.  Turns out we had already “met” on Twitter.  She’d seen me tweet about attending #SheSpeaks14 and sent me a message.  She was so kind, and I felt like we were old friends.

As I looked around, she told me about the ministry. I could feel my vision shift.  All those jewels I had seen moments earlier, took on a new sparkle.  Celeste shared with me the story behind the jewels.  Each piece is handcrafted by a woman who is being helped by the ministry to overcome poverty & injustice.  You can read more about this ministry here.  As if the jewelry itself wasn’t enough of a draw, the meaning and message each held drew me in even further.  I had a very hard time picking the pieces to buy for myself and my family & friends.

I wanted to buy it all.

Some of the pieces had tags where the woman who created the piece autographed her work.  I put one of these tags up on my dressing table mirror.  Every time I see her name I breathe a prayer and call her name before The Lord.  That name written in the woman’s own hand grabs my heart as I wear her creation.  It made each gift I bought even more special.

I LOVED giving away the gifts and telling about the ministry.  I love knowing that these “jewels” are bringing beauty into the lives of the women who made them and the ones who wear them.

It’s a win-win.

So…. In the spirit of #SS14AP (She Speaks 14 After Party), I am asking you to take a pic of the jewels you bought from Fashion & Compassion at #SheSpeaks14 and post them on Twitter this weekend.  (Saturday, August 23rd)  Let’s fill the digital waves with shots of our Fashion & Compassion jewels (and accessories) in honor of these women and this wonderful ministry.  While you’re there, add a tweet of prayer for them, too.


The scriptures tell us that the Lord gives  “beauty for ashes.”  (Isaiah 61:3)  Let’s celebrate the work God is doing as He takes their ashes and gives them His beauty.   Let’s honor them by wearing their jewels and accessories & spreading the word on Twitter.

C’mon, ladies…Show Your Bling!

*Tag your pics & prayers with #SS14AP #SYB



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