Listen, honey!


January 7, 2015 by Renee Griffin

(This post is part of Kelly Balarie’s #raralinkup at her blog, Purposeful Faith.)


Listen, honey.

I am from the deep south.

I need your complete attention. As we southerners will sometimes say, “Listen, honey.”

Tonight as I type this right before my weary eyes close, and today’s #raralinkup ends, I just want to tell you this one, little, super important thing, and I need to be sure you’re listening.

So, listen, honey.

Your words matter.

All you beautiful blogging friends that have come into my life in the past few months, your words are amazing.

In a world full of voices trying to be heard, the God of the universe is listening to you, and you have His undivided attention.

world of voices

Keep writing the words He gives you.  The world needs to hear what He told you to say.

Don’t give up because you think no one is listening.

Go back to the beginning when He put this dream in your heart and remind yourself why you began.

You write for Him.

Keep it up.

Don’t quit.

Your voice will go where He sends it and will touch the hearts He opens to hear it.

Keep speaking.

Let go of anything holding you back, including all the demands you put on yourself, and just say what He tells you to say when He gives you words.

Ditch the clock & the calendar and just listen to Him.  He turns His ear to you.

“I love the Lord, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy.
Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live.”     Psalm 116:1-2

Your words matter.

I am cheering for you!

This video is my gift of giggles to you, friend.  Enjoy.

18 thoughts on “Listen, honey!

  1. Ah, Renee, again you made tears come to my eyes. It was like you wrote this for me because God knew I needed to hear this. Thank you!

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  2. As usual, you inspire me to keep on keeping on for the King of Kings and no one else! Love you!


  3. As usual, you inspire me to keep on keeping on for the King of Kings and no one else! Love you my sister in Christ!


  4. Renee! Aww! It was just like God spoke right through you…to ME! You gotta see my post today for that thought to come full-circle for you!
    Not gonna quit, yet! Especially when I have a lovely community of new friends to spur me on and encourage me when I have a case of the ” poochy lip”!! ☺️
    Hugs, friend! You bless me TOO! 💗

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  5. Thanks for writing this just for me 🙂 – That’s the way I feel, anyway! What an incredible, amazing, mind-blowing reality for us in Christ – to be heard and known by Him!! Thanks for being such the encourager, Renee.

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    • You are correct…I did write this just for YOU. You are His girl and loved incredibly by Him. You are important and have necessary words to share. I’m so thankful He wanted to use me to speak to you. Much love, Renee


  6. amygking says:

    Thank you so much for being transparent and real. This spoke volumes to me. You seriously speak my language! Love you friend!

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  7. Love it! Such great and encouraging words Renee. Thank you for this. We are all so blessed by it. Many Ra Ra’s for you, dear friend.


  8. mviscuse says:

    Listen, honey! You nailed it! Thank you, thank you!

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  9. justjendewitt says:

    Love that you are encouraging the encouragers! God bless you. : )


  10. WOW…God heard my prayer and sent His answer through your words this morning. Thank you, Renee!!!

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