Still Hanging On


January 21, 2015 by Renee Griffin

2014 may be over, but I’m still hanging on to last year’s #oneword.


God isn’t done speaking.

Yes, I have my #oneword for 2015, but last year’s word isn’t over yet.  I don’t want to push aside these nuggets of truth just because the calendar has turned to a fresh page.  (Plus, the calendar isn’t the boss of me.  God is.)

calendar isn't the boss

God’s timing is the most important pace to follow, and not even a new calendar year will cause me to change course before He leads.  I guess I listened well in 2014 because my #oneword  was TIME.

As I hang on to my #oneword from last year, I wonder if maybe some of these lessons, resources, scriptures, and quotes will help you, too.

Do you spend the TIME in your day racing through?  I used to, but not so much anymore.  The rest and peace I have developed came as God showed me my TIME spent in a frantic rush was not from Him.  Racing, charging, striving, accomplishing, and hurrying are words I would’ve used to describe my life.   My days were driven by ticking hands pushing me faster and harder

Can you relate?

That kind of mindset drives you straight to crazy.

As I listened to the Lord, He turned up the volume of my own words.  I began really listening.  What I heard was ugly.

“I don’t have time.”

“Hurry up.”

“Don’t waste my time.”


Here are a few things He showed me.  Maybe He will use some of these things in your life, too.


* “He has made everything beautiful in it’s TIME.” ~Ecclesiastes 3:11


Christine Caine says…”We are not a product of TIME.  We’re a product of Eternity.  God plucked us out of eternity and positioned us in TIME.”  If you need a jolt, go search for her on YouTube.  She will set you on fire for Jesus.


* I downloaded this wonderful ebook by Amy Lynn Andrews, Tell Your Time: How To Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Free.  This little gem is only a couple of bucks, but the message and teachings have been so valuable.  The preface to the book quotes Annie Dillard who said, “How we live our days, of course, is how we live our lives.”  Wow.


Lysa Terkeurst’s book, The Best Yes, was all over the concept of how we spend our TIME. You have to read this book if you are overwhelmed.  Just have to.  When I analyzed how I was spending the TIME in my day and counted the cost of all the “yes” answers that needed to be “no” answers, I made a change.


* “One Day At A Time” sung by Christy Lane is an oldie, but such a goodie!  If you are too young to know this song then YOU ARE WELCOME!  I have just changed your life.

* “The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in TIMES of trouble.” ~Psalm 9:9


* The amazing Bob Goff said, “God doesn’t see TIME like us.  Don’t be hard on yourself.  He is standing on the edge with you.”


* Jesus Calling by Sarah Young is one of the tools I use in my quiet time. Her entry for May 30th begins with this thought.  “Time with Me cannot be rushed.”  The rest of the entry is powerful.  You should get this book, too.  (Have you figured out by now that I am a bit obsessed with books?)


My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers is another book I love.  On May 16th, this quote is recorded.  “Be stamped with God’s nature, and His blessing will come through you all the TIME.”


* On a practical level, I added in TIME to my calendar for some super important things like a monthly date night with my man.  It’s so easy to talk about how we should be doing date night, yet until we get intentional and schedule TIME to do it, date night never happens.   I made a monthly appointment for something special for me, too.  We mamas struggle with spending TIME on ourselves, but it is important.


* Lastly, the most important TIME I spend each day is with Jesus.  Many years ago, I started setting my clock a bit earlier than I really wanted to be conscious so I could give the first moments of my morning to Him.  I stopped making excuses and started spending daily, intentional, focused TIME with the Lord.  It’s the best part of the day.


* Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one more thing.  If you have a word for the new year, I highly recommend using a journal or notebook solely for your #oneword.  It is amazing to read straight through all the lessons God taught me with my word in a single notebook.  It will be a great encouragement to  you as you look back at the end of 2015.

Maybe someTIME soon God will begin to talk with me about my new word, FREE. I know it’s going to be good!  Until then, I’ll just hang on.

(This post is part of the encouragement linkup, #raralinkup, over at my precious friend’s place called Purposeful Faith.  If you don’t know Kelly Balarie, you need to rush right over and join in the fun.  She’s a cheerleader of faith and a friend to all.  Come and connect!)

11 thoughts on “Still Hanging On

  1. Hi Renee! Oh my goodness… do we have a lot in common! Especially in our posts today. I love your #oneword for 2014, and I’m not sure I’m done with mine either. God can use whatever He wants to use to grow us and mold us into the women He wants us to be. Even if it’s “last year’s word.” I appreciate your truthful post about time, and the life your words give to me today. Thank you so very much. I’m blessed to have followed you at #RaRaLinkup. Bless you friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had the biggest smile on my face as I read your post. Wow, we were definitely on the same wave length. God is so awesome the way He connects us. Thankful to have you in my digital life.


  2. kristine says:

    I’m right there with ya, Renee! I love that quote, “The calendar is not the boss of me!” When I read The Best Yes, it revolutionized my schedule and my life:) I’m going to check out some of these other resources you’ve mentioned here. Thanks for the tips!


  3. “The calendar isn’t the boss of me… God is” I LOVE this!!! 🙂 sending lots of love and blessings to you Renee! 🙂 xo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jenni DeWitt says:


    Many of those books and references you mentioned are staples in my life also. I was amazed as I saw how God is using similar tools to speak the same message to you as He is me — that He is timeless and the best possible way to spend our time is with Him.

    Your post makes me think of the Greek words for time -kairos and chronos. I had to Google it to remember what it all meant, and here is what I found on Wikipedia: In the New Testament kairos means “the appointed time in the purpose of God”, the time when God acts (e.g. Mark 1.15, the kairos is fulfilled). Kairos (used approximately 81 times in the NT) seems to be an indeterminate time, a “moment” or a “season,” whereas another Greek term chronos (used 54 times) refers to a specific amount of time, such as a day or an hour (Acts 13.18, 27.9, etc.).

    When I think of being on God’s time, I think of kaiors. Thanks for your post and for getting me thinking this morning! I love that you are following God’s lead and not the calendars.



  5. Renee, I really like this because sometimes I think “time” is my greatest enemy. I want to do it all, but I can’t grab hold of more time. So, this offer of release from you is well received. I don’t know if I can do it now, but maybe God will work in me. Cheering you. That you wrote on this. Your words are so effective! Thanks for joining the Purposeful Faith Linkup too!


  6. Renee, LOVE that the calendar is not the boss of you. I am a recovering list maker, task-oriented person, who is learning to slow down and enjoy the journey! Thank you for this reminder to enjoy my TIME!


  7. tinamwright says:

    Yes! This is such a beautiful Truth. God’s timing is perfect!!

    “God’s timing is the most important pace to follow, and not even a new calendar year will cause me to change course before He leads.”


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