A Little Girl’s Church


February 13, 2015 by Renee Griffin

“Are we going to church today?”

Her question hung in the air between us like a kite caught by a strong wind.

My daughter, around age 5 or 6, had come into the room on a Sunday morning and posed the question very directly. It was of course, Sunday. We had been taking the kids to church somewhat regularly, but not with priority.

I was raised in church. Every time the door was open, we were walking through it. My husband and I had agreed early on that our children would also be raised in church.

Then we began having children.

The first two were born under two years apart, and the second child faced a few medical complications. He had surgery at 10 days old; the first year of his life was challenging.

Between diapers and feedings and all the stuff that comes with babies, it was all we could do to just keep them fed, clean, and alive. Church attendance and involvement was hard.

However, we wanted to leave a legacy of love for the church.

This particular morning, we had no intention of going to church, and I am sure we had a list of “reasons” to stay home. As my little darling’s question lingered between us, I drew in a deep breath as she repeated her inquiry.

“Are we going to church or do you and daddy have other things to do?”

(Insert stammering, sputtering reply.)

As I tried to justify my need to skip church with a very impressive list of demands like laundry, shopping, organizing, relaxing, etc. she gave a simple response.


She turned politely toward her room, and I went back to my very important stuff while trying to shake off the awkward moment.

A bit later, all discomfort forgotten, I heard her talking to someone in her room so I went to check it out. The scene before me sucked the air right out of my lungs.

She was sitting in a tiny chair in the middle of her room with her back to me. The golden curls danced on her shoulders as she spoke and gestured to the crowd at her feet. Her audience of stuffed animals and baby dolls hung on every word of the animated lesson she was teaching. She held her Bible in her hands as she pretended to read to them from its pages.

Even though I knew what was before me, I asked anyway. “Love, what are you doing?”

With a kind, respectful tone she answered, “Since you and daddy won’t take me to church, I’m having church in my room.”

She turned back to the crowd and picked up where she left off.

As she turned, my heart twisted.

The legacy we said we wanted for our children, but so far had only invested slightly was already taking root in our daughter. The Lord had planted a seed of love for His church in her heart.

She was meeting Him on this Sunday right where she was.

As the tears of shame washed over me, I promised the Lord that I would take my children to church.

I would not choose my list over a legacy of faithfulness to His church.

That day, the Griffin household changed.

Two grown-ups repented in the doorway of a little girl’s church.

two grown-ups 3

While we don’t claim any type of perfection where church attendance is concerned, most Sundays you will find us sitting down front of the church that we love. We want to give our children a legacy of love for the Lord and faithfulness to His church.

My story reads of a family who was full of excuses, but now fills the pews.

Exodus 20:6 ”but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.”

There was a woman sent from God. Her name was Renee.

This post is a part of Suzie Eller’s  #livefreeThursday linkup and Susan B. Mead’s #DanceWithJesus linkup.  


34 thoughts on “A Little Girl’s Church

  1. Oh my goodness, that was pure sweetness.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, Renee (#vapordiva) this was lovely! I can just see your sweet little one bringing the gospel to her stuffed friends! Such a memory. And such a legacy! Loved this!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aundi K says:

    Renee, thanks for sharing about this. It’s amazing how much our little one’s teach us when we pay attention, isn’t it?Good reminder! Found you over at #livefreethursday!


    • Hi, Aundi!
      I’m so glad to connect via #livefreeThursday. Yes, my children have at times been my greatest teacher. Such a precious gift from God. Thanks for coming by and taking the time to leave a comment. Your blog title intrigiuges me so I will have to check it out. Be blessed!


  4. I love this. Beautiful. Precious. Child-like faith. To be bold to worship Him no matter the circumstances or place. Your little girl making church where ever she found herself. Letting nothing keep her from her Father. Children are such gracious teachers of Love.


    • Exactly, Stephanie! I want to live a life of boldness just like that keeping what’s important first and letting all else fall away. She saw no boundaries keeping her from Jesus. What a lesson. He is where I am. I just need to worship.
      Thanks for stopping over. Hope all is going well with you. Are you coming to SheSpeaks? If so, I will need a hug!!!


  5. amygking says:

    Beautiful! Beautiful! What a testimony it is when our children are the ones that God uses to intervene. Love you my friend and how God uses you to share more of Jesus with me.


  6. betsydecruz says:

    Awwww! Renee, what a beautiful story. That is amazing. Your girl had a heart for God! I’m sure she still does. May God bless and multiply the legacy you want to leave to your children.


    • Oh, Betsy, she does. Her love for Jesus is such a precious treasure. Of all the gifts we want to give our children, a love for the Lord is the most important. Thanks for coming over to visit.


  7. Cynamon Willis says:

    My words will not adequately describe how this touched my heart! Love how your writing always stirs my heart. Keep writing my friend! Love you and love your willingness to share. So encouraging and uplifting!


  8. Tina M Wright says:

    What a precious moment to see the Lord working in the heart of your own child! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us, Renee. #DanceWithJesus


  9. lynnette says:

    Really touched me deep down..I was raised in church…perfect attendance pins a foot long..but as my youngest son is now a teenager and I have trouble some days getting out I’ve sure let my personal responsibility slip. This was a beautiful reminder. Hug that little girls neck for me. 💟


  10. Susan B Mead says:

    She was meeting Him on this Sunday right where she was. OH! The childlike faith that Jesus talks about – you saw firsthand.

    How absolutely lovely. Two grown-ups repented in the doorway of a little girl’s church.

    That statement took my breath away, Renee, and sped my heart up. I can only imagine the two of you standing there in AWE. True awe. For God. For His work in your daughter. For His lesson from His child to His child’s parents.

    Exquisite symmetry there. I love how God got y’all’s attention…

    Thank you for joining the dance today at #DanceWithJesus Friday. HUGS, my sweet friend!


    • Susan, your words shine on my heart like the warm sun. Thank you for coming over to read and give such valuable input. I just love you and know God has a powerful plan for your life. #DanceWithJesus Much love to you!


  11. pkstew2 says:

    So glad God sent you, Renee. Thanks for sharing your story! #livefree
    Have a great weekend, Kim Stewart (fellow Compel sister)


  12. dukeslee says:

    Wow, Renee. What a fantastic story … and so beautifully told. Thank you for linking it up with #TellHisStory!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. […] sure to check the sidebar later. I’ll be featuring one of you over there! Renee Griffin is our latest featured […]


  14. Abby says:

    Oh my word, Renee, this is lovely. Just lovely. I really do believe when God gives us children that we learn just as much from them as they do from us. So glad to see you featured at #TellHisStory. Beautiful, my friend.


    • Thank you so much, Abby! You are exactly right. We learn a ton from our children if we’re wise enough to keep our eyes open to the lessons. Thanks also for always being so kind and encouraging. I really appreciate you, friend.


  15. What a story, Renee. Much like Jesus, our children can see right through us, can’t they? Lovely words from a beautiful heart. Glad to find you at #TellHisStory.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. I loved reading this Renee! What a great story. Our children can teach us so much!


  17. danisejurado says:

    OMGosh! Renee…. beautiful precious words and lessons from our sweet little ones. {love}


  18. Loved this post, Renee! So very touching and true to life. It made an impact on me as well!

    Your friend,


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