Eyes Of A Stranger: Renee’s Song


October 12, 2015 by Renee Griffin


The words of my song, Eyes of a Stranger, were written by my birth father.

Inspired and changed by one powerful line from a telephone conversation soon after we were reunited, my birth father took my words and poured out his heart into the lyrics of a song.

He sang them to me for my 33rd birthday in a private concert between two hearts.

Sitting on a red, wooden bar stool in the kitchen where he grew up, he strummed his guitar, Maria, and with a deep, raspy voice, sang the words to this song.

Reading them now, I’m overcome by the message tucked inside.

His intention was to say how much he loved me in the way his heart clearly spoke: through music.

When the chords began to echo off the kitchen walls, the floodgates of my heart broke loose, and I began to cry thirty-three years of tears.

Buckets of pain & joy fell on the floor beneath my bowed head.

I was undone with every note and word.

The puddle of tears on the old linoleum floor reflected the emotional tsunami surging from my heart.

I will never forget that moment.

Years later, the love of Jesus Christ shines and hope is woven through every line.

I want to share the song with you, and I know my birthfather would approve.

He loved an audience.


Eyes of A Stranger

There was a little girl brought up in a world,

Of people who’d rearrange her.

But all of her life, she’d search for the light,

In the eyes of a stranger.

She did what she could to be what she should,

For all of those around her.

Still through her life,

She searched for the light,

The light that never found her.


She’d say. “look at me”.

Tell me what do you see.

Tell me could it be you

Then she’d walk away with nothing to say

Looking for her own truth.


She was a daughter, and she was a sister

And one day she was a wife.

And though she was older, over her shoulder

She still looked for that light.


She wore a name without any blame

A name that gave a good start.

But somehow she knew it just wasn’t true

It did not fill up her heart.



She packed up her fears and swallowed her tears

And said there must be an end.

She got some old papers back from the state

That showed her where to begin.


One Saturday morning she got a call

Says we have a stranger on the line,

And then she wondered, could it be true

After all this time.


They fumbled through words to overcome

Years of mystery

And it was plain the little girl and the stranger

They were meant to be.



Now she has years of laughter and tears

With a heart no longer in danger

Because now she knows if she needs love to show

She can see it in the eyes of a stranger.




As you read the lyrics, I hope you could hear the message beyond my story.

My story isn’t the important part; the important part is God’s Hand writing each chapter of my life as He waited patiently for me to see Freedom from His perspective of Truth.

Because of my journey, Jesus is no longer a stranger.

My freedom did not come from my past; freedom came through Him alone.

It was His Light leading me through dark times, and the Truth of His Word sustaining me and leading me to freedom.

My relationship with my Heavenly Father is my most valuable relationship.

I am so humbled and grateful He allowed me to find and know my birth family. They are a beautiful part of my life, and I love them all.

I’m also thankful God gave me to my forever family who adopted me and made me their own, loved me, gave me a good name.

They are the ones who introduced me to Jesus.


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares The Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

5 thoughts on “Eyes Of A Stranger: Renee’s Song

  1. Sweet, girlfriend. I’m glad you shared your song.


  2. Jenn says:

    You and I are both seekers. We looked high and low to find a light that we knew was missing. I am so grateful to Jesus for shining His light into both of our hearts so that we could be sisters. What a blessing you are! Keep sharing! Your words inspire me.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m writing to invite your blog to join the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid (BG²). If you’d like details, please email me. Thanks.


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