Accepted: When Christmas Isn’t Merry Mini-Series

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December 23, 2015 by Renee Griffin

Sometimes the memories of Christmas can seem better than the day itself. We can raise our hands with praise for a God Who sent His only Son into the manger while tears fall from eyes filled with pain.

Grateful hearts hurt, too.

When God sent Jesus into the stable, He gave Him as a gift to a family. Mary and Joseph, called by God under incredible, miraculous circumstances, became a new family when Jesus drew His first breath.

They accepted Jesus as their earthly son even though they knew they’d have to share Him. I wonder how Mary dealt with her emotions knowing her mothering time with Jesus wouldn’t look like the other children she’d bear.

Motherhood doesn’t always turn out the way we expect.

Motherhood accepted

For many women this Christmas, there will be turmoil held privately inside as they wonder about the children they gave away in adoption.

Knowing their babies are being rocked and loved by other women who accepted these children as their own is hard.

I wondered about my birth mother every Christmas, and ever since our reunion, I know she was imagining me, too.

I’m learning we are surrounded by people carrying private pain we’d never guess in a million years. Just because the calendar keeps turning and days keep rolling by, pain doesn’t pause due to a holiday.

Even Christmas.

As part of the mini-series, “When Christmas Isn’t Merry” hosted by Stephanie K. Adams at #REALWomen, I wrote a little post about my struggle to feeling accepted as adopted child during the Christmas holiday gatherings. I’d love for you to join me there.

For continued encouragement & hope click here.





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