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Thanks for stopping by.

I’m Renee, and I am glad you’re here.  This little spot is the place where I open up one of my life stories.  Like you, my life is filled with lots of stories.

Right now the story I am living is all about family. I have an incredible husband & three amazing children. Yep, a family of my very own has always been my dream.

I’ve found many adopted folks have this same dream.

It’s not that we don’t love the adopted family God gave us because we do.  We really, really do.

We just have an overwhelming need to look into the eyes of someone who shares our DNA because we have never done that before.

We look in our mirrors, stare hard at the reflections, and wonder who else on this planet looks like us.  We do this same thing to strangers.  We search their eyes and hope to catch a glimpse of ourselves.

My life story began with adoption, and thirteen years ago, I set out on a journey back to the beginning.  Eyes of a Stranger recounts the steps along the way, the lessons God taught me, and miracles that only Jesus could manage.

After a lifetime of searching the eyes of strangers looking for myself, I was finally reunited with my birthfamily. I could look into their eyes and see parts of me.

I was looking to see who I really am, as if identity is black and white, but what I discovered was gray and dim.

That was ten years ago.  A lot has happened since then.

A few years ago, the Lord called me to write my adoption reunion story, but I didn’t want to.  I fought it even though the first lines had long since formed in my brain.  I have always been a writer, but I haven’t always realized it. I was writing in my journal about this story years before I lived it, but journal writing is safe and private.  This is not.

It took me a few years before I surrendered and began to write this story.

When I began to type out my first post, it was like labor.  It hurt and ripped and opened and exposed, but in the end produced a miracle.  God began to do a miraculous work in me as I gave in to His calling.

As I continue to obey His call to write Eyes of a Stranger, I hope you read only the story of Jesus and His amazing power to heal in every line.

You see, this isn’t a story about me.  It’s about Him.

I’ve tried to make it easy for you to follow along. You’ll see the posts are numbered in my story as I share each chapter.  Click here for the first post if you want to start at the beginning.  There are other, random posts on this site as well.

I’d love to connect with you here, on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or my personal favorite, Twitter.

I hope you come back and visit again soon.



6 thoughts on “Welcome, friends!

  1. Sheri Deal says:

    “…it was like labor. It hurt and ripped and opened and exposed, but in the end produced a miracle.” What a fabulously poignant line of prose, my friend! Well said. That line is an absolute keeper no matter what your “real” editor says. Your “pretend” editor LOVES that line. =)


    • Sheri, I have grinned a mile wide each and every time I have read this comment. I have read this comment like 50 times. You are such a well-spoken woman and quite the talented writer so when you say something works then I know it does. You will always be my “real” editor.


  2. Sheri Deal says:

    Oh, and I forgot to say that I like the new background up top. Very intriguing, like NCIS-ish, in the black and white the word “stranger” pops.


  3. Nancy Rogers says:

    It made me wonder if there was some significance to ES or YES TRANGER.


    • Thanks for your comment, Nancy. I see what you mean. I hope they eye goes to the ES. I may need to design some type of symbol or something. The cool thing about design is that it’s ever growing and changing. I appreciate you taking the time to look and think and share.


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